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Perfect Caterers aims to provide quality service with a wide range of menu selections, food quality that will surpass the distinct taste of our client. Through our continuing dedication to excellence in service we are committed to achieve guest satisfaction, ensuring at the same time growth, development and welfare of our staff.

About Us

Tracing the timeless essence of the Natural taste of India, PERFECT CATERERS takes you on a culinary journey of exploration and celebration of food, culture, and tradition. Chalakudy Caterers delivers an authentic dining experience in its own signature style. From the selection of our ingredients to the selection of our staff we set ourselves the highest standards. Our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality. Our team of highly qualified professionals will make any event a pleasure. From weddings to cocktail parties, or anything in between, Perfect Caterers is your best choice.


To attain and maintain a premium position in the catering industry by surpassing the expectations of our guests and by delivering superior value to our associates. Our team of highly qualified professionals will make any event a pleasure. We deliver an elegant catering service, with all the dishes according to your wish.

Catering Services
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Catering Service

Catering Service

Taking care of our customers' needs, we plan, prepare,deliver and do the best to present a quality service. All dishes are prepared with utmost care under the supervision of qualified experinced chefs. Our dishes are prepared with a passion for perfection that is highly praised by all. As one of the most respected and renowned catering business units in Kerala we work hard to maintain our position and reputation at the top.
Flower Decorations

Flower Decorations

Theme decor also varies from the colour scheme and type of wedding chosen by the couple. Flower arrangement is as essential part of wedding decor. The types of flower arrangement used will vary according to the theme. We have skilled, qualified and experienced staff and provide flower decoration services for each and every occasion in professional manner. The decoration is done with varieties of fresh flowers that are specially picked for decoration. All decoration is performed under guidance of highly skilled and professional staffs. The all staffs are aware of latest trends of market and fashions decorate in such manner as well according to party theme.
Stage Decorations

Stage Decorations

We provide quality stage decoration services for various kinds of functions for over years. We take decoration contracts for various occasions - be it a Marriage Function or a Wedding Reception, a Religious Ceremony or Function, a Social get-together or a Corporate Meeting, a Stage Show or Performance - we assure to make your special occasion, the most memorable. For your special occasion, you are no doubt seeking decorations that are elegant, stylish and unique; those, which will create a lasting impression on you and your guests.


You’ll want to get your wedding music spot on, and entertain your guests to make it a day for them to remember too. Each of our Wedding is treated with a personal touch, which starts with our custom package solution. Our team of wedding professionals can assist you in creating the right package and wedding design for you and your special day. We are both prepared and delighted to satisfy your needs on such a memorable day.
Sound & Light

Sound & Light

Lighting and sound are a very important factor to create the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception .We specialize in wedding lighting hire and wedding sound system hire . However you want to celebrate your special day we can work alongside you to discuss & design your dream wedding. We have the resources and the know how to make sure it looks amazing & sounds fantastic leaving you free to enjoy every moment & memory. It is our aim to enhance & transform your venue into something beautiful, unique, memorable & most importantly, tailored to your specific tastes.
Celebrity Management

Celebrity Management

Celebrity Management is an art of recognizing the celebrity for your brand or occasion and then arranging for it. We identify, negotiate, brief and manage your preferred celebrity for you. We strive to provide our customers with a truly diverse selection of today’s most prominent celebrities & artists and offer the most personalized customer service in Celebrity Management field. You can rely on our expertise to find the ideal personality that fits within your specific budget and add colors to your show.
Tall men Securities

Tall men Securities

A wedding is a joyous occasion for everyone involved. However, that doesn't mean that you don't need to think of security on this special day. Whenever large groups of people are involved, keeping the situation secure is incredibly important.Wedding Security Guards are becoming a more and more popular sight, ensuring that gifts and guests are kept safe and secure at all times.
Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

The day has finally come for the bride and groom to walk down the aisle and begin their new life together as man and wife. Our help make their special day even more memorable with personalized wedding gifts. We carry a wide range of items that can be customized any way you want.
Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

We Give our top priority to the Bride and Groom . However, we feel that each and every guest who is attending your dream wedding should have all the service & assistance required to make a memorable and stress-free vacation also. We provide Travel Arrangements to every guests who all are attending the function.
Live Display in Plasma TV & Screens

Live Display in Plasma TV & Screens

We use the latest technologies like Plasma TV, LCD Projector etc. These are able to create the largest images by far, pictures with quality approaches that of movie theater and ideal for fast motion video .
Live Web Casting

Live Web Casting

Webcast your wedding LIVE on the internet and reach out to your friends & relatives anywhere across the globe. Welcome their virtual presence and receive their wishes online. This unique service is a boon to those who could not attend your wedding for some reason or other. Helping you celebrate the joy of sharing your life's most precious, unforgettable moments... Nothing can match a LIVE experience .


We provide all the services and facilities necessary for a function.We are dedicated to delivering individualized event design and management services, with an emphasis on detail, quality and creativity.
Pre/Post Wedding Parties

Pre/Post Wedding Parties

Having all your friends and family together in the one place is truly a very special time and often couples choose to extend their wedding day celebrations by hosting smaller parties around their special day. Relax and enjoy mingling with your guests in an informal setting and let us take care of making these special times more memorable for you both.


Hospitality plays a vital role in any wedding. The marriage ceremony is elaborate now a days and spans over a few days. Thus, suitable arrangements are required for both for your out of town guests. By your hospitality, your guests will remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for a comfortable and pleasant stay. We provide and manage total hospitality section to make the entire wedding go smoothly for our clients and make their guests feel comfortable and at home
Bridal Styling

Bridal Styling

One thing that we Indians hold very close to our hearts is the fact that we are a home to so many different cultures and traditions. Each tradition comes with its own way of life and own way of doing things! And when the wedding season turns up, we see so many different ways to announce the very same joyous moment that it is overwhelming. At the same time every state and culture has its own differentiating factors. Weddings and bridal makeup in Kerela are known for their simple and traditional beauty.
Customized Invitation Designing

Customized Invitation Designing

After the finalization of the wedding dates and venue, usually the first thing that gets finalized is the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation has to be carefully designed with emphasis on subtle wordings and designs. Every couple has their own ideas regarding their wedding invitation. Certain couples may prefer bold colour combinations while others may opt for classy soft and creamy shades. Our wedding planners have access to wedding invitation vendors who can deliver on exquisite finishing and textures. Due to the good relationship between the vendors and the wedding planners, our clients get the best of wedding invitation designs at the best of prices.

Welcome Items
Side Dishes
Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks

 Orange
 Grape
 Pineapple
 Apple
 Mussambi
 Carrot
 Beetroot
 Fruit Punch
 Special Grape
 Mango pulp
 Fresh Lime
 Fruit Punch
 Rose milk
 Badam Milk
 Pista Milk
 Chocolate Milk
 Mint lime
 Water Melon
 Tender coconut
 Ginger lime
 Fruit Crush
 Alphonso Mango
 Orange
 Strawberry
 Pineapple
First Course

First Course

 Appam
 Pathiri
 Bread
 Wheat Bread
 Rumal Rotti
 Battura
 Chappathi
 Egg Porotta
 Vatteppam
 Idiyappam
 Danish Roll
 Vellappam
 Palappam
 Bread Roll
 Coin porotta
 Butter Naan
 Thandoor rotti
 Kuboos
 Chiratta Puttu


 Thattu Dosa
 Masala Dosa
 Ghee Roast
 Oothappam
 Onion oothappam
 Chicken Keema Dosa
 Mutton Keema Dosa
 Egg Dosa


 Paalpayasam
 Gothambu Payasam
 Semiya Payasam
 Ada Pradhaman
 Cherupayar Paayasam
 Kesari


 Fruit salad, Gulab Jam, Jilawii, Halwa
 Cut Fruits
 Puddings
 Black forest
 White forest
 Sugar candy
 Chocolate fountain
 Popcorn Maize
 Ice Gola
 Corn top
 Pineapple Pastry
 Chocolate Pastry
 Caramel Custard
Dum Biriyani

Dum Biriyani

 Veg Dum Biriyani
 Chicken Dum Biriyani
 Beef Dum Biriyani
 Pork Dum Biriyani
 Mutton Dum Biriyani
 Fish Dum Biriyani
Fried Rice

Fried Rice

 Veg Fried Rice
 Chicken Fried Rice
 Beef Fried Rice
 Pork Fried Rice
 Mutton Fried Rice
 Fish Fried Rice


 Veg Pulao
 Chicken Pulao
 Beef Pulao
 Pork Pulao
 Mutton Pulao
 Fish Pulao


 Veg Biriyani
 Chicken Biriyani
 Beef Biriyani
 Pork Biriyani
 Mutton Biriyani
 Fish Biriyani
Nadan Sadhya

Nadan Sadhya

 Rice,
 Chicken roast/fry
 Beef fry/curry
 Pork chilly/nadan/brindhal
 Fish curry/vattichathu
 Kalan/sarlas
 Thoran
 Pickle
 Chammanthi
 Green salad
 Lemon juice
 3 flavors of ice cream(Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate)


 Chilly Gopi
 Gopi Manjurian
 Mushroom Manjoorian
 Chilly Mushroom
 Chana Masala
 Paneer Butter Masala
 Aloo Fry
 Kadala Curry
 Peas Masala
 Veg Kuruma
 Sambar
 Moru Curry
 Kalan
 Thoran
 Koottu Curry
 Inchi Curry
 Erussery
 Mezhukkupuratti
 Pachadi
 Kichadi
 Oolan
 Rasam
 Avial


 Veg Roll
 Meat Roll
 Baby Samoosa
 Fish Finger
 Fish Fillet
 Spring Rolls
 Cheese Roll
 Chicken Balls
 Breaded Shrimps
 Breaded Squid


 Duck Roast
 Duck nadan curry
 Duck pepper masala
 Duck kuruma
 Duck varutharachathu


 Prawns Roast
 Prawns Masala
 Prawns Curry
 Prawns Pepper Fry
 Thandoor Prawns
 Prawns Thava Fry
 Prawns pepper masala


 Beef Fry with coconut
 Beef and Banana
 Beef Olathu
 Beef Pakvara
 Chilly Beef
 Beef Fry
 Beef Curry
 Beef Roast
 Beef stew
 Beef vindaloo
 Beef nadan
 Beef pepper masala
 Beef kuruma
 Beef Chops
 Beef Chathachu Varathathu
 Beef Peralan


 Mutton Kuruma
 Mutton Chops
 Mutton stew
 Mutton Fry
 Mutton Curry
 Mutton roast
 Mutton pepper masala
 Mutton Coconut Fry
 Mutton Kolhapuri


 Chicken 65
 Chilly Chicken
 Kerala Chicken
 Chicken Roast
 Chicken Kuruma
 Butter Chicken
 Chicken Fry
 Chicken Curry
 Chicken Pepper Masala
 Chicken kabab
 Thandoor chicken
 Chicken masala
 Chicken mugulai
 Kadai chicken
 Chettinad Chicken
 Grilled chicken
 Chicken shawarma
 Butter chicken masala
 Chicken tikka
 Chicken Mappas
 Manjoorian chicken
 Garlic chicken
 Ginger chicken
 Chicken Kolhapuri
 Chicken Lollipop
 Nadan Chicken Curry
 Chicken Drumstick


 Veg Cutlet
 Fish Cutlet
 Macaroni Cutlet
 Beef Cutlet


 Fish
 Mango
 Lemon
 Prawns
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Natural Taste Of Kerala

Natural Taste Of Kerala

Make Your Event Awesome

Make Your Event Awesome

Experience The Wonder Of Taste

Experience The Wonder Of Taste


We provide all the services and facilities necessary for a function.


We provide and manage total hospitality section to make the entire wedding go smoothly.

Catering Service

Our dishes are prepared with a passion for perfection that is highly praised by all.